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Asia Trade Experts has experienced experts with local knowledge and international experience in all our offices, who are able to help you track down the supplier that you are looking for or simply to answer your question...
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Asia Trade Experts specialises in guiding all enterprises, be they large, medium, small or family-owned businesses to expand their operations in Asia. We combine international knowledge and experience with local intelligence and connections..
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Because Vietnam is an up-and-coming economy, its needs are many and varied. Find out more about Vietnam and the opportunities that this emerging economy has to offer..
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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong is the gateway to China. China’s legal system is complicated and subject to influences that many foreigners do not understand. In Communist countries, obtaining information can be a costly & time-consuming exercise, if you do not understand the ‘system’ or have the right connections..
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Asia Trade Experts Specialise in Helping Businesses Import and Export with China and Asia

An IMF report (June 2010), predicts that Asia's economy will grow by 50% over the next five years and the IMF's October 2010 World Economic Outlook confirms that Asia continues to lead the global recovery.
"If we are looking for growth, we should be looking to Asia. Asia is driving the global recovery and its growing middle classes are seeking more of what we can produce. China represents the biggest source of demand in the world for many of the products that we in the UK have to offer.”
Mr. Vince Cable
Business Secretary and Co-Chairman Asia Task Force

"Right across the board there are opportunities for doing business in Asia, indeed better opportunities than anywhere else in the world. For the simple reason that Asia is where the growth is, especially at a time when the advanced economies of the western world are only slowly emerging from the down-turn of the last few years.”

Lord Powell of Bayswater
Co-Chairman, Asia Task Force
TCK Asia Times Online VPMG South Wales Chamber of Commerce

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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) & China’s Chery Automobile look at joint venture to expand JLR's presence in Asia
"Part of the job of the prime minister is to load up an aeroplane full of business people, large and small, get our exports up, get our investment up, get out there and fly the flag for Britain."
Asia will be the key driver of world trade growth despite current global economic headwinds