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What makes Asia Trade Experts different from other consultants or business intelligence companies?

Most importantly, we have lived and worked throughout Asia, speak many Asian languages. Our Chief Expert was born in Hong Kong and lived there for 25 years, he has spent the last ten years in Vietnam. Despite relocating for a while to his home in Wales, his commitment to Asia continues with regular trade missions to Asia.

Crucially, we understand the law, culture and challenges of living and working throughout the region. We combine international knowledge and experience with local intelligence and connections.

Our resident experts are very experienced and more importantly are resident in their home country. Every expert is known personally by our Chief Expert because of personal relationships that have been built up over a number of years. We are able to make local introductions at a commercial or government level. We are also able to provide trade leads and conduct product sourcing. In addition, we provide local representation for overseas clients.

Strategically, we have people on the ground in most areas in Asia and access to a variety of specialists who will put your issue first, handle it confidentially and professionally. We currently have offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia and plan to open offices in two other Asian countries during 2012.

Honestly, we do not seek to be all things to everyone, nor to accept work where others may provide a better service. Each assignment will be analysed confidentially, if we believe to achieve the results you desire, others would represent you better, we will tell you.